The Aurora Digital Attachment System is unique
From concept to reality this system will allow you to fully customize the cockpit of your T700

The main part, an advanced anti-vibration bracket will connect the 12mm bar with the light support (where the OEM speedometer is bolted), thus minimizing the annoying vibrations on the cockpit. In this, entry level setup, RAM® balls can be added to the system to allow you to add digital devices. Add parts as needed to fully customize your cockpit and install more digital devices!

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The antivibration device is light, yet strong in all directions, giving plenty of support and adding enough stiffness to the OEM cockpit to prevent excessive vibrations. Advanced fatigue FEA work has been carried out in the bracket, using data from our data logging systems. Analyzing the vibrations of the T700 with a +/- 200g accelerometer, and then figuring out the frequency at which the bike vibrates in different scenarios, we can predict the life of the components, and design for infinite life. Using vibration analysis before and after adding the bracket, we can understand the effect that the bracket has and perfect the shape. As always, all the CNC parts are warrantied for life.

You can upgrade by adding different brackets, which will give you the option to adjust the angle, add AMPS brackets or SP Connect® quick release systems (or similar) and use M4 and M5 nut systems in the process. These brackets are also machined out of solid aluminum and will allow you to adjust the angle of the instruments that you add to perfect the ergonomics. Standing or sitting is no issue and especially on the top, it’s very easy to change it by changing one bolt.

Moving the OEM speedometer to the bars is something that Aurora does since 2020 and this method has many advantages. The more devices are in front of you, the more brain power is needed to filter out information. Even things that are not important are filtered out by our brains, and after a 10-hour trip, we feel tired. It is important to leave only the important information in front of you, so you can focus on what matters the most. Riding safely. Getting the OEM speedometer on the bars will give you the opportunity to add two GPS devices on the cockpit, so that you can record and follow tracks at the same time, zoom in different areas or just have a mobile phone and a GPS depending on your needs. Your favorite mobile application can act as an adventure data logger, while you navigate using your GPS in an ergonomic position.